Flight Tracker
Track the flight status of any airborne flight in the U.S.
Weaher Center
Get your 5 day forecast for home or your destination city.
View Your Itinerary
View your itinerary if you have air, car, or hotel reservations with your Horizon-University travel agent.
Currency Converter
Found out how much your currency converts to in foreign currency.
Current Airport Delays
Check current delays at any major airport in the United States. :(
Airport Terminal Maps
View the terminal maps of all the major airports.
Global Calling Codes
Find International Calling Codes for Telephone Calls
Airport Security Wait Times
Check the average wait time that passengers experience when going through airport security. :(
Currency Cheat Sheet
A Must! Print out currency conversion rates to carry with you.
Airplane Seat Maps
Find your seat on your next flight. All US major airlines.
Electricity Conversions
Check the electricity standards in any country before you pack!
Airport Codes
Find the 3 letter airport code for virtually every airport in the world.
Traveler's Check List
Some helpful items to consider when packing.
Time Zones
When is it happy hour in Tokyo, LA, or New York?