Your honeymoon will be unlike any other vacation that you take in your whole lifetime. Even if you have traveled together, this will be the first time that you will do so as a husband and wife, and that does make this vacation truly unique, and literally, a once in a lifetime event.

You are undoubtedly spending a great deal of time and effort making your wedding perfect. No less attention needs to be spent on planning your first vacation as a husband and wife. Unfortunately, too many brides and grooms treat this all-important detail as an afterthought. You will spend many hours, days, or weeks to pick the perfect dress that you will be seen in for a few hours, planning your first trip as a married couple deserves no less attention.

Timing is all important. Some couples begin planning too far in advance, and of course, too many begin planning too late. Planning more than a year in advance is too early, most resorts do not have their rates posted that far in advance, and it is too early to book your air anyway. And, contrary to some misinformed people, last minute planning does not get you the best deals; often the best accommodations and deals go to the first ones to book, leaving what is left to those who wait too long. We have found that about ten months is the ideal time to begin planning. Horizon-University Travel’s quality service and attention to detail has brought our clients back year after year for over four decades. Let us create your custom holiday whether you want a restful stay on a beach, a relaxing cruise or something more adventurous, Horizon-University Travel can fulfill your dreams.


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